jesus painter’s ministry

Now, since I’ve watched this the other day….I can’t stop thinking about it.

I imagine the people’s faces. The face of relief. Joy. Shock.

I’ve watched it a dozen times.

Then, today happened.

I sat in church listening to our pastor.

“roll up your sleeves. Don’t just talk about Christianity. Be a Christian. Show them.”

I paraphrased him, b/c well, I can’t remember the exact text, BUT, I do remember the way it made me feel.

I sit here. My children are well fed. We can pay our bills(by the grace of God), too many blessings to count, and yet, when was the last time I rolled up my ‘sleeves?’

When was the last time I showed the grace of Jesus to someone else?

I hung my head low. It’s been awhile.

We get so wrapped up everyday that we forget why we’re here. At least I do.

I keep making plans to spend time with HIM before anyone gets up in the morning and then I’m tired….I stayed up late working…I forget to set my alarm.

The list of my faults goes on and on…

But, something happened today.

I got chill bumps up and down my entire arms.

My thought is that it’s the holy spirit smacking me upside my head, but I still like the idea.

I felt this wave come over me ‘what can U do?’

How can you show the grace and mercy of God to others?

The older I get the desire to be close to him gets stronger. I don’t know why, it just does.

This video popped in my head like a flood gate.

When you were far from God, what would you have done if someone had completely paid for your groceries?

As a single mom for a long time, I probably would have done what these people had done. Been in shock and started to weep.

Sometimes showing people the way to truth and life isn’t about just teaching them.

Don’t get me wrong, bible studies, church service, life groups are all important and valid.

BUT, what if for a moment, I told you that actually SHOWING people the love of Christ did something different.

Sparked something in them that they have never felt before?

I called a local grocery store today. I made plans.

I’m not a wealthy (financially speaking) person, but what I do have is my art.

I heard HIM loud and clear.

Use it. Give it.

So, here are my thoughts:

I provide my service for a day.

I take all the proceeds from that special event and we give it ALL AWAY. EVERY SINGLE DIME.

We show them the love of GOD.

We show them they are not alone.

We show them we love them too.

I set up a day after the event to go and bless individuals at the grocery store by paying their entire bill.

I tell them it’s all from HIM.

Glory to HIM and HIM alone.

Because HE is the reason.


A story for Sutton

Once upon a time…

There was a beautiful girl(that’s your momma) and she met a handsome prince(that’s your daddy)

They fell deeply in love

They walked down the isle awaiting their next adventure

Guess what that new adventure was soon to come?

It was you.

You came with eyes so bright

You looked at me and I knew right away that both our worlds had changed

We both knew we had found our princess

Welcome to the world Sutton

You are so very loved.